We think "Made in Bangladesh" can mean so much more.

Our ideals

When was the last time you purchased a shirt and thought about the hands that made it and the journey it took to get to you?

Chances are high that something you own was made in Bangladesh, the world’s second largest exporter of clothing. However, most of the time very little information is available about the conditions in which that item was made.

We’re launching a brand called New Market Goods, with the goal of better understanding and highlighting positive production practices in Bangladesh.

We’ve partnered with Deshal, a community of local garment producers who’ve been striving to create better working conditions in their factory. Together we hope to promote good design, celebrate Bangladeshi artisanship, and improve transparency in the production of clothing, starting with our line of popover shirts.

Supporting means helping us:

Promote good design

We want to create beautiful garments that reflect Bangladeshi heritage, and add vibrancy to the men's shirting market.

Celebrate Bangladeshi artisanship

Our inspiration comes from the vibrancy and textures seen on the ground in Bangladesh.

Improve production transparency

We are highlighting positive approaches to manufacturing in an industry that has become notorious for its extremely negative working conditions.

Increase community capacity

We aim to improve local livelihoods by returning a share of our profits directly back to the community that has been directly contributing to the project.