S/S 2014


Our inaugural line features an all-cotton popover shirt. It takes cues from the punjabis frequently found on the streets of Dhaka, such as the band collar and a placket that extends only to mid-chest.

We’ve hybridized the style with tailored features found in more traditional western button-downs: a chamfered pocket, side gussets, and a slightly more fitted silhouette that hits at the waist.

The design itself is fairly minimal, and is really meant to highlight the textiles, which are produced in one of the last remaining hand-loom communities called Pabna, a village in western Bangladesh.

Well crafted in Bangladesh.

Along with every shirt you buy is a commitment to tell the story of where it came from. From the day the textiles were woven in Pabna, to the agile hands of Deshal’s artisans, to fulfillment and packaging in San Francisco, to you. Each shirt will be tagged with a unique code so you can access this story on the web, and we hope you continue contribute to it.